Friday, July 1, 2011

Do anything just for Allah..
i just open my sister's blog..
and what i saw....
a new sister...
she want to change to the new and real muslimah
same like my other sister
i mean my older
she also like that
use facebook,blog and internet to find a new life....
truth life with Allah
Alhamdulillah i really glad...
even i also in time to change myself
who was not enough be a good muslim
but i still want to try..
my school have a title Agama
its really thought me about anything i don't know about my religious
yeah i admit it not many pupils in this school change really to good muslim

the statement of my ustaz that i really solute him because he has a karramah that Allah gives to him
"manusia akhir zaman,orang yang melakukan kebenaran dan mengajak kepada kebenaran pasti akan dihina tapi manusia yang melakukan penzinaan pasti akan dipuja dan menganggap bahawa dialah ketua yang terbaik untuk mereka"
the situation is happening in my school..
"Ya Allah please protect us from satan...we really want YOUR protectin because only you can save us...please protect our iman....."

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