Friday, July 1, 2011

Do anything just for Allah..
i just open my sister's blog..
and what i saw....
a new sister...
she want to change to the new and real muslimah
same like my other sister
i mean my older
she also like that
use facebook,blog and internet to find a new life....
truth life with Allah
Alhamdulillah i really glad...
even i also in time to change myself
who was not enough be a good muslim
but i still want to try..
my school have a title Agama
its really thought me about anything i don't know about my religious
yeah i admit it not many pupils in this school change really to good muslim

the statement of my ustaz that i really solute him because he has a karramah that Allah gives to him
"manusia akhir zaman,orang yang melakukan kebenaran dan mengajak kepada kebenaran pasti akan dihina tapi manusia yang melakukan penzinaan pasti akan dipuja dan menganggap bahawa dialah ketua yang terbaik untuk mereka"
the situation is happening in my school..
"Ya Allah please protect us from satan...we really want YOUR protectin because only you can save us...please protect our iman....."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


ske statement nie..
tahniah wat kakak ak yg buat statement nie kat blog die..
betol la,
kte tak boleh puaskan hati semua orang tentang apa yang kita lakukan
kalau kita buat sesuatu benda yang baik,
tapi orang still lagi boleh kata kita nie bajet baik,
nak tunjuk baik dan sebagainya
tapi bila kita buat jahat
orang kutuk perbuatan kita macam dia sendiri tak pernah buat jahat,
sebablah tulah agama Islam menyarankan supaya kita baik sangka dengan orang,
supaya tak berlakunya perbalahan dan dunia FITNAH-MEMFITNAH

Saturday, June 4, 2011

okeyh I just don't get it..
hold on one sec..
what just i said before??
I still cannot remember the sentence..
the kind of love??
why becoz i'm NOW IN love??
wait till the end of the world..
hahha just kidding..
or really mean it??
na...hahaha still don't know about the future..
you know when we talk about future...
what it is really mean??
some kind of talk??
fantacy like rapunzel,bawweng puteeehhh bawweng merrah(style dutch)
Don't know nothing about future
can anyone tell me how much As i get in PMR so after that i will be better..n after that i not studying becoz i know i will get
(you better say 9As right now)

okeyh lets continue to our discussion..
actually not discussion becoz i think i just speak to myself
everything about love
father,mother,sisters,all grand,uncle aunty,cousin,nephew,mak cik putu mayam,uncle jual karipap,letchumi jual nasi lemak and so on...better i said all my SEDARA ISLAM SELURUH DUNIA..
how about your tut...
what tut..
the tut....
don't you love anyone??
you want me to list it??
oh okey not that kind of anyone..
just "anyone"
anyone what??
okeyh that's mean "setiap satu"..
i love that kind of anyone...
just don't lie to yourself..
i lie to myself??
i see it..
okey cannot see it...
i want to tell you something...
my love is just for the person who donate his"tulang rusuk"to me..
so that can i say I love anyone...
thank you...
(what a broken english)
hey i still learn okey..

Friday, June 18, 2010


Welcome to SEMEKASRI tomorrow!!
I don't know whether I must be excited or not..maybe a bit..
Today I must packing my things for tomorrow...
I think I get a lot of experiences during this holiday..

Friday, June 11, 2010

holiday!!!holiday coming!!miss my hometown..two weeks is much for me to busy doing my homework..No more rest..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Friday is dedicated to Crusoe, the man who saves
him from being eaten by the cannibals.
The second English ship’s captain is grateful
to Crusoe for rescuing him from the mutineers.

Power and Control
Crusoe lives on the deserted island for twenty-eight years.
He makes it his comfortable home. He has control over Nature there.
During his rescue of Friday, he kills a cannibal. A grateful Friday
is willing to be his slave. Crusoe teaches Friday to speak in
English and about his religious beliefs. Thus, Crusoe has power over Friday.
Crusoe is viewed as owner and lord of the island. Crusoe is also
able to bring peace between the Spanish and the English
living on the island. He divides the island between the two
groups and this proves his control over the island and its inhabitants.

Faith in God
Robinson Crusoe has great faith in God. He does not give up
hope when he is shipwrecked and finds himself all alone
on a deserted island. His faith that God will sustain him
through the many trials in life keeps him going.
Crusoe says, ‘All… God for an answer.” (p. 41, para. 3)
Crusoe’s strong belief in God is also seen when he teaches
Friday about the goodness and power that comes with having faith in God.

Good versus Evil
Robinson Crusoe shows that good triumphs over
evil when he helps Friday to escape from the cannibals.
Crusoe also teaches Friday about God’s
goodness and how it triumphs over the Devil’s evilness.
The mutineers who are disloyal to their captain are
finally overcome by the ‘good’ forces of Crusoe and Friday.

Relationship with Nature
Humans are part of Nature and, therefore, should live and work
harmony with Nature. Crusoe is a man at peace with Nature.
He loves the sea and the outdoors. So when he is marooned
on the island and finds himself alone with only Nature
as his companion, he adapts easily.
He is quick to use things from Nature to help him survive.
He uses the trees and plants to build himself a canoe and
homes, ant to provide him with food.